Amazing Devotional

While I was at a bible camp as a counselor, we read from a His Princessdevotional called, “His Princess: Love Letters from Your King” by Sheri Rose Shepherd

This book has spoke so much to my heart and is exactly what I need at this time.

Here is my favorite page from this book so far…..

My Princess…


You are a daughter of the King, and not just any king. You are MY daughter, and I am the God of all heaven and earth. I’m delighted with you! You are the apple of my eye. You’re Daddy’s girl. Your earthly father may love and adore you, but his love is not perfect, because…I am love. I formed your body. I fashioned your mind and soul. I know your personality, and I understand your needs and desires. I see your heartaches and disappointments, and I love you passionately and patiently. My child, I bought you with a price so that we could have an intimate relationship together for all eternity………

Here is a link to the book, and where you could purchase it online….

His Princess



I am a 27 year old who has difficulties with self worth and anxiety. I am sharing my story on here to encourage other girls that they are not alone and that God can change their life. I love drawing colorful Bible verses, being active (jogging, playing frisbee etc), and playing board games. I have a passion for developing communication skills in children and young adults with developmental disabilities. I am from South Jersey and grew up in a Roman Catholic family. In 2015, I started reading the Bible, knowing the love of God, and became part of a loving church community.

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